Our philosophy

Quality and perfection in every detail

  • We are a family business focused on long term goals. Our core objective is to consolidate our existing position as a system specialist for plastic parts with a focus on small and medium production runs, and to continue to expand.

  • We set ourselves the most demanding customer requirements and are a partner to our customers in the search for the best technical and commercial solution. We lend our skills and experience to the early phases of product creation and take on project management all the way to production delivery.

  • We are a system supplier with a wide range of differing production technologies. We take overall responsibility from product creation and building prototypes to serial production and delivery to the assembly line.

  • Our production technologies are modern and focused on small and medium production runs. At the same time, we follow strict quality and environmental targets. In addition to our own production programme, we have access to specialized suppliers, with whom we have collaborated for a long time and in whom we have complete confidence.

  • Our employees are the cornerstone of our success stories. Their expertise, their commitment and their everyday operations ensure that we fulfil our customers wishes 100%. We treat our employees with respect and encourage their talents, so that we can uphold this claim in future as well.