Acquisition of industrial painting company Geiß GmbH

The companies Osbra GmbH and Heinz Einhaus GmbH industrial painting have taken over retroactively to 01.07.2020 the business operations of Geiß GmbH, who declared insolvency in March 2020.

In the newly founded joint venture „Osbra Einhaus GmbH“ both partners bring in their expierences and resources of the polymer and painting technologies, so the successful sanitation and continuation of the company Geiß can be secured. All personnel will be taken over and the painting continued. Dr. Thomas Freudenberg and Manuel Einhaus have been appointed as the managing directors of Osbra Einhaus GmbH.

The former Geiß GmbH has been a strategic supplier of Osbra GmbH for several years. The Osbra Einhaus GmbH has got expierenced staff and a modern automated painting system at the location Monzingen, which has been concepted especially for small and medium production runs. Most of the customers come from the automotive industry, for whom high-class add-on body parts like rear spoilers, side skirts or bumpers are being painted in vehicle color.